Industrial Tapes

We are instrumental in offering our valued clients with quality assured Industrial Tapes, which are extensively used in bonding, masking, enhancing, and bundling, protecting and even damping. Further, these tapes are highly acknowledged by our clients for its great adhesive strength as required by the application. Additionally, our clients can avail various kinds of industrial tape, which are manufactured from high scientific technique so that they could be used to attach industrial components.
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Duct Tapes

Our expertise lies in manufacturing a reliable and quality range of Duct Tapes, that are highly acknowledged  for their strength and strong bonding. Additionally, these are very useful for packaging and also these tape are used by military, owing to its  water proof property. Moreover, these are also used for hot and cold ducting apart from being water proof utility. We offer these tapes in various specifications as per clients demands at leading market prices.

Features :

  • Water proof
  • Used for strong binding of packaging
  • Strong rubber based
  • String adhesive used
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Floor Marking Tapes

We have gained expertise in manufacturing of outstanding range of Floor Marking Tapes, which are highly popular these days due to increased requirement for safety, making sections and dividers in big industrial houses, on roads and other construction sites too. Additionally, our clients can avail these tapes are available in different colors and patterns as per client requirement. Further, specially used for marking, these tapes avoid physical hazards such as stumbling, falling or tripping points.

Features :

  • Moisture resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Used as identification of caution
  • Convenient and inexpensive
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Anti Slippery Tapes

We are leading provider of Anti Slippery Tapes, as the name suggest these tapes are very efficient and useful in avoiding accidents against slippery places. Moreover, easy to use these tapes are very efficient and can be availed in cost effective prices. Additionally, our range of products are highly appreciated for strong adhesiveness, abrasion resistance and durability. Our anti skid tape works great in the office, plant, locker room or areas with barefoot traffic.

Features :

  • Easily cleanable
  • Available in different width
  • Abrasion and friction resistant
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions.
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Aluminium Foil Tape

Our high quality HVAC tapes are popular modern industrial tapes which are highly in demand due to their resistance to cold and hot conditions; they seal two components irrespective of the temperature. It is also used in conductivity of electricity and cable manufacturing. These come with high adhesive quality which also provides safety from short circuits and other mishaps which comes according to the type of the tape.

Features :

  • High adhesive strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Available in many various lengths and kinds
  • Available at competent price
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Surface Protection Tape 30 Microns

We manufacture a wide assortment of packaging tapes like filament, double sided and even protection film etc which are useful in different industrial use. These can be used in decorating, labeling, protecting, combining, sealing and even color coating. Our entire assortment of packaging tapes can be used for applications of high temperature or cold temperature. These can be furnished by us many dimensions and can be custom-made on clients' requests.

Features :

  • Easy to tear and use
  • High adhesive
  • Various kinds available
  • Good for sealing also
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Mastic Tape

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a very highly premium quality range of Mastic Tape. Our range is known for its highly excellent quality and premium range and admired by the clients in all over the nation. Our range is available at market leading prices.

Features :

  • Mastic Tape is Used for steel buildings, grain bin bases, mobile home seams, air filtration, foundations, decks
  • Earth sheltered houses and many other waterproofing problems
  • Mastic Sealing Tape is applied after Rust Grip is primed over the metal seams
  • Tape must be over coated with Super Base  to seal before over coating the roof with Super Therm
  • Combined with Super Therm and Enamo Grip to create a monolithic (no seam) roofing system that is tough, insulates, ponds water effectively, and bounces hail off without damage
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Single Side Cotton Tape

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a very highly excellent quality range of Single Side Cotton Tape. Our range is known for its premium quality and admired by our clients in across the nation. Our range is available at market leading prices.

Features :

  • High performance
  • Long performing life
  • Smooth functioning.
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Cotton Bitumen Tape

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a very highly excellent quality range of Available in different styles and designs, these products are in high demand due to their high durability. Our range is known for its excellent quality and premium range. Available at market most leading prices.

Features :
  • For the protection of pipes, fittings and similar structures from corrosion buried or immersed
  • To protect the metal structures from the environment the tapes must cover the entire
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Double Sided High Adhesive Foam Tape

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a very special range of Double Sided High Adhesive Foam Tape. Our range is highly effective and efficient in nature and demanded by the clients across the nation. Available at market leading prices.

Features :

  • Double-sided tape is created by applying a thin adhesive layer to each side of a carrier material. For example, double-sided tissue tape, an easy-to-rip double-sided tape, is created by applying adhesive to two sides of tissue paper, which is then wound with a siliconed paper to avoid it sticking to itself
  • Most adhesive tapes are manufactured in log form, such as a large 1 to 3 meter wide roll, and then an adhesive tape converter is used to slit the rolls into the required widths
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Filament Tapes

Our clients can avail from us an array of Filament Tapes, which is used in packaging. These tapes are suitable for light duty and as well as heavy-duty packaging applications. Offered at nominal rates, these tapes are available in many sizes, colors and grades. These Filament Tapes are used for bundling, strapping and reinforcing, featuring adhesion power, tensile strength and safety even in extreme conditions.


  • Also used for protecting cricket bats, door holding etc
  • Durable and safe
  • High tensile strength
  • Coated with hot melt adhesive or solvent

Marking Tapes

Marking Tapes
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